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Life @ entytics

We at Entytics believe that employees are an asset to the company and not merely resources whose skills are used from time to time. We create an environment that offers equal opportunities to our employees in terms of their personal and career growth. Training programs, Rewards & Recognition, Celebrations and CSR help them develop themselves inside-out.


Entytics has a 360° training policy:

1. Induction: This is an in-house training for freshers to come up to speed with the company’s domain – concepts, technology and standards. Our expertise in various industries enables us to conduct such trainings in-house.

2. Certifications: We believe in an inside-out approach. We know that when employees grow, the organization grows. We encourage them to grab opportunities to hone their skills, keep them up to date with the new certifications and to learn new skills that empower them to achieve their personal and organizational goals.

3. Presentations: Knowledge without implementation is no knowledge. Knowledge with implementation is Wisdom. Moreover, if we teach someone what we have learnt, our level of understanding gets more depth. We conduct presentations that are given by our employees to their colleagues and the management team, which increases their depth in the subject matter, besides improving their presentation skills. This is called a 360° training.

Rewards & Recognition:

Whatever you appreciate – grows, whatever you criticise – grows. We understand the importance of the former and the futileness of the latter. We believe that when you recognise someone for their efforts, it adds more purpose, more meaning to their life and work. We have rewards and recognition policy that recognizes outstanding performance by a team and an employee every quarter and year. It is sincere, definite, optimistic, proactive and regular.


Life is incomplete without celebrations. Be it birthdays, work anniversaries or a planned potluck – celebrating moments, achievements and milestones (personal & organizational) is a part of Entytics culture. Fridays are the most euphoric days of the week, packed with activities involving sharing ideas, brainstorming sessions and gastronomic pleasure.
Besides, team outings further emphasize the flat hierarchy that we follow at Entytics. It also provides a fertile ground for employees to discover themselves.


When you are filled with gratitude for whatever you have, you develop a sense of sharing your joy with others. We encourage our employees to participate in various CSR activities like blood donation camps, tree plantation, recycling paper, donating to orphanages and other NGOs. We adhere to social responsibility parameters such as respecting human rights, indiscrimination, providing healthy and safe working environment and fair compensation.