E-GRC GOVERNANCE, RISK & COMPLIANCE MANAGER HELPS COMPANIES IMPROVE DECISION MAKING AND OVERSIGHT OF COMPLIANCE INITIATIVES BY MAPPING ORGANIZATIONAL RISKS AND CONTROLS TO CORPORATE POLICIES, BEST PRACTICES AND REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS AND BY MANAGING THE STAFFING AND EXECUTION OF ALL COMPLIANCE WORK, SUCH AS REMEDIATION PROJECTS.E-GRC Manager maps risks and controls to your corporate policies, in addition to industry and legislative regulations and best practices. Thus, it optimizes your controls so they rapidly integrate your future corporate and regulatory requirements into a single risk and controls portfolio.

The process that an organizations uses to identify potential risks, determine the impact of those risks, and consider means to mitigate those risks to an acceptable level based on the organization’s business objectives. E-GRC Solutions offers comprehensive software and professional services to help organizations measure, manage, and mitigate risk. The process that records and monitors the controls, physical, logical or organizational, needed to enable compliance with regulatory guidance, industry mandates, or internal policies.


  • Multiple regulatory bodies and requirements
  • High cost of defining controls
  • High cost of demonstrating compliance
  • Allocation of resources away from key business initiatives
  • Difficulty with ongoing sustainability of ad-hoc compliance projects

In general, the compliance needs of companies are both varied and complex. But, all require an optimal blend of centralization, monitoring and reporting for effective oversight. The challenge is ultimately one of comprehensive and cost-effective management of risks and controls and the ability to answer questions on their status not to mention the impact of relevant regulations on these risks. In the event of control failures, an organization should have notification mechanisms and procedures in place. And to facilitate and support higher-level decision making, there should also be visibility into the performance of controls and their impact on specific risks.

E-GRC Manager is committed to provide you with a unified, centralized view of compliance across your environment, allowing you to more effectively monitor and manage risks and controls throughout your organization. Offering an extensible framework to manage your policies, risks, controls, regulatory requirements and compliance projects, E-GRC Manager helps you efficiently and effectively manage your compliance efforts. And to help ensure success, E-GRC Manager is designed to maintain the desired risk posture of your organization and closely tracks compliance initiatives.

E-RQST Software is a occupational health, safety and quality management solution that can be configured to meet any company’s health and safety needs. The solution includes core product suites which cater to the main functional areas in the industry: Occupational Health, Industrial Safety, Environmental Compliance and Quality. Deployed as an integrated, enterprise-wide solution, E-RQST software helps organizations to centralize, streamline and standardize occupational health and safety process management across their operations.

HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) is Systematic risk assessment tool that can be used to assess the risks of various hazards. Helps emergency management team to prepare for the worst and most likely risks. Saves time and resources by isolating hazards that cannot occur in the designated area. The software generates bow-tie diagrams to improve performance of the hazard identification and risk assessment process and demonstrate very effective cause and impact analysis. This can be used to shift the focus of incident management process away from being merely reactive to being pro-active.