Developing a new product is far more challenging than any custom application development, so it requires a unique mindset. Entytics’ proven processes, developers, and product orientation allow us to consistently meet the evolving challenges of new product development while staying within the planned budget and timeframe. Close collaboration with our clients in an integrated model brings transparency, accountability and visibility to the development efforts.

Entytics is committed to keeping your product development on schedule. Software development teams emphasize product functionality, but they must adhere to the highest standards for code quality and program design. Version control may be complex, especially considering multiple versions of the software. At Entytics, every development resource must meet maximal quality standards in order to produce a scalable and robust product.

Proof of Concept (POC)
In some cases, an organization needs to present proof of concept (POC) when approaching potential investors and/or customers. The POC can persuade investors and customers, and it can also help your organization anticipate technical risks and plan your work accordingly. Entytics has significant experience guiding clients through POC development

UI Prototyping Services
Before jumping into full-scale product development, it is always wise to build a UI prototype. Entytics has worked with dozens of firms, building professional UI prototypes to help them obtain their first customer or secure the requisite funding.

Cost Control
Our offsite development cost allows you to significantly reduce your development budget and apportion funds to marketing and promotion activity.