The obsolete plate / frame type filter presses for full juice filtration were eventually replaced by rotary vacuum filter which long stayed in the Indian sugar industry almost for last sixty years!, inspite of various associated problems; perhaps for the reason of simplicity and more importantly for the reason that no better alternative technology was readily available.

The Solid bowl decanter technology has gained wide application in industries like oil, dairy, chemical, water and sewage treatment etc. and is in existence for more than a century all over the world.
The growing awareness of power for sustainable growth of sugar industry in fact has been a driving force to look out for alternative technologies requiring less power and diverting more than 1.0% cane of bagasse for additional electric power generation.

Unlike the conventional centrifugal machine used for separating sugar crystal from mother liquor either in batch or continuous where mother liquor by application of centrifugal force passes through the screen openings, the decanter although is centrifugal machine does not have any perforations over the rotating basket. The basic principle of using centrifugal force for solid/liquid separation is universally remains the same. The only difference is that the insoluble solids when subjected to centrifugal force get separated from liquid towards inside surface of bowl and are continuously pushed towards discharge end by a rotating helical scroll. The cake is continuously discharged through discharge ports fitted with tungsten carbide bushings. The decanted juice is continuously taken out through a concentric opening.