Clear sugarcane juice resulting from settling clarifiers i.e. either 4/5 compartment conventional clarifier or short retention single tray clarifier containing suspended fiber particle fed to clear juice screening system. Screened sugarcane clear juice from rotary screen is collected in slopped bottom trough for onward transferring to clear juice receiving tank by gravity for onward pumping of sugarcane juice for concentration process. The fiber / suspended matter separated at sugarcane clear juice rotary screen is discharged into the mud tank, again by gravity or suitably disposed off.

The efficiency of clarifiers at the sugar industry is critically important in ensuring good sugarcane clear juice quality without suspended matter, which in turn is necessary for good sugar quality. Separation of suspended solids at clarification house of thin juice in sugar industry is currently done using the multi tray or short retention single tray clarifiers.

From last 5 to 7 years as preparatory index of sugarcane at milling station found improved in order to extract more sugar, more quantity of fine suspended particles were observed in clear juice. These suspended particles / fibers responsible for increasing the colour of final product also adversely affect the keeping quality. After conducting the analysis at several sugar factories in India and abroad the quantity of suspended fibers in clear juice found as high as upto 100 ppm and sometime more.