We are pioneer in designing and manufacturing of single tray Suviron’s low retention time clarifier, having 30 SLRTC to our credit including 2 nos. exported. A special distinct design feature of our SLRTC is the peripheral feed down take with concentrically located clear juice take off launders. This allows a more streamlined well guided juice and mud flow pattern without causing any short circuiting/turbulence across any section of SLRTC.

Process automation
We are also in a position to cover in the SLRTC package a total process automation system which we recommend for achieving the best operating performance results at SLRTC viz.,

  • Juice flow stabilization
  • Auto pH control at juice reaction vessel
  • Auto temperature control at juice heaters
  • Auto polymer solution dosing proportionate to juice flow rate

Salient features

  • Good clarification is achieved with less retention time.
  • Brilliant clear juice free from any mud solids.
  • Less retention time hence less risk of sucrose inversion loss.
  • Less temperature drop due to less juice holding volume and less heat exposed area.
  • Compact mud formation for achieving better filter/decanter performance.
  • Less formation of colouring matter due to reduced risk of heat exposure.
  • Wide range of application for clarification of cane juice, secondary juice, filtrate juice, sweet sorghum and beet juice.

We also undertake conversion of existing conventional 4-4-4 type clarifiers to SLRTC to meet the expanded plant capacity. The same has been successfully commissioned at Ajinkyatara S.S.K. Ltd., Satara, India.